to CannonRidge Therapeutic Riding Center. We are located in the beautiful City of Chesapeake, Virginia. I am the director, Linda L. Cannon. I started with one spotted pony named Breezy and grew from there. We currently have available to us, over twenty horses, but most are fostered off the property until we acquire more land. My vision is to continue as a therapy center for children but also to become diverse and expand our therapy center for any aged person with a history of being abused. In the near future, we plan to add Vaulting and Driving for the Disabled. Since our breed is a leopard or near leopard, and I have contacts with the Fire Dept, I would like to train our horses to pull one of the old horse drawn fire trucks. When one of our Firemen has given his life, CannonRidge would be available to drive the casket through the funeral procession with our proud dalmation looking draft crosses.  I have not decided what we'd do for the Rescue Squads or Policemen, but I'm sure it will come to us. My father was laid to rest in Arlington, Virginia, and the funeral procession had his casket carried by six beautiful Percherons. At that moment, I knew CannonRidge had an additional calling. Mike Miur started this breed over 45 years ago.   We will eventually set up a scholarship program for the families whose children could benefit from the program, but currently do not have the income to pay for therapy lessons.  Hope you enjoy our website, please update us with any additional comments we could use to better our services.

Thank you…thank you ...thank you

Linda L. Cannon

Whos helping out CannonRidge

This will be an ongoing list of Supporters to CannonRidge. When a supporter donates to CannonRidge or adopts a horse, and gives us permission to show their name, we'll post it here for all to view.

If you donate directly to CannonRidge as a Gem Supporter, you will be presented a pendant that we are currently designing, to show our appreciation. The pendent will have the corresponding club gem of the support you have given. Since we really need the support money to go to the center, the gem will more than likely be lab grown, but never cubic zirconium.  In addition to the pendent, you will receive a coffee mug, and a letter of appreciation.  The Stonewall club supporters will be given a coffee mug and a letter of appreciaton.  And the Therapy club supporters will be given a letter of appreciation.  

*** Gem Supporters***

The Diamond Club: Supporters of $5000.00 and up 

The Emerald Club: Supporters of $2500.00 to $4999.00

The Tanzanite Club: Supporters of $1000.00 to $2499.00

The Ruby Club: Supporters of $250.00 to $999.00

The Pearl Club: Supporters of $100.00 to $249.00

** Supporters**

The Stonewall Club: Supporters of $50.00 to $99.00

The Therapy Club: Supporters of $1.00 to $ 49.00


The Formalities

100% of all proceeds from all donations will benefit the horses and riders at CannonRidge. We are a non-profit, 501(c)3.
Our vision is to continue as a center for the children in need, and to bring them, in groups from organizations. CannonRidge Therapeutic Riding Center started out, in part, to the vast waiting list for children needing to utilize the benefit of therapeutic riding.
The changes/ in clients are unbelievable. The most important changes has been with self-esteem and confidence. Large animals can be controlled by our clients, which in turns motivates them to not only believe in themselves, but also nurture their own self worth. This is what is expressed from our client groups when they come and spend time riding and caring for our horses. Also, the increase in self care skills, communication, participation and team building through riding that was previously not thought probable with some of our clients.
Please help us maintain this program. Without your generosity, we can not continue to maintain the amount of horses to teach the children. After all necessary needs are met for the horses, the continued support from our generous givers, supporters, donators and guardians, will go to a scholarship fund for a group in need.