Board Members

This is me! It was cold out side and we're in the middle of imprinting. My background includes Vol Rescue Squad, Dental Sales, and currently own a company that travels teaching courses in Safety Training.

This is Mia West, she is an advisor to CannonRidge. Mia is a developer and brings to the table expertise in the business world. She also has two beautiful daughters and is quilter!

Introducing: Bonnie Gallimore... She is an advisor to CannonRidge. Her background includes accounting, finance and a master quilter. She is currently designing a quilt or two to help the center thrive!

Meet: Matt Yeager... Matt currently is employed with the City of Chesapeake, and has a long history with the City's Animal Control. Matt brings lots of love for the animals, and keeps us up to date on any new animal regulations from the City.
Finally, my husband Christopher Cannon. His background is a Registered Nurse and manager of Sentara's Hospital Nightingale Trauma Helicopter. He is also a graduate of UVA in Business Finance.

Meet the Instructors

Nikky Smith
Nikky started riding at eight years old in Hickory Cornors MI at Around Tuit Farms.  Her trainig started in Hunter/Jumpers and has spread out from there.  At age 15 she started helping brake out the babies at the farm.  This was her strong suite and has held through to this day.  Through out her show career she was year end champion for 15-17 two years in a row along with several other high year end placings on the Lake MI Hunter/Jumper circuit.  After eight years on the LMHJA circuit Nikky joined the navy.  Now that her 5 years are completed she has teamed up with the CannonRidge crew.  In 2011 her goal will become NARHA certified and better help her riders and horses.

Meet the Workers

Here at CannonRidge we believe to have great therapy horses we need to have great workers too.  One of the jobs for our more experinced workers is keeping our horses in great shape.  Just like any person horses love to go out and have a good time weather it is at shows or on the trails.  Currently three of our therapy (Cape, Max and Rita)  horses are showing 3 day eventing and having a blast.  Our old guy Louie is taking Sango in to the leadline classes and teaching her how to be a cowgirl.  It is very important that our horses get out and have diffrent experinces and not do the same thing over and over.